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CREP Sign-up

Interested in something more permanent than CRP? With CRP open, CREP (Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program) is now open for enrollment! This is a permanent RIM (Reinvest in Minnesota) easement paired with a 14-15 year CRP contract.  This program is accepting filterstrips and wetland restorations for enrollment. If you would like to learn more about what this program has to offer stop down at the SWCD office for more information. 

CREP is a voluntary program aimed to retire environmentally sensitive land. It is a combination of the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) and a perpetual easement through the Reinvest in Minnesota program (RIM).  Someone enrolled in this program would receive 14-15 years of annual CRP payments, plus an RIM easement payment. 

CREP applications are part of a ranking process with applications throughout the state. If your proposed property meets the cut off scores, your property could be selected into the CREP program. Once accepted, the land is still owned by you and is NOT public land. CREP easements are not open to public hunting or public recreation. 

The most sought after practice to enroll in is wetland restorations (buffer strips and wellhead protections areas are also eligible practices). Wetland restorations provide numerous benefits, both to the landowner as well as others, such as: wildlife habitat, reducing flood damage, improving water quality, enhancement of aesthetic quality, and much more.

When we became aware of the sign up, we knew there would be a large interest in Freeborn County. We have had 1200 acres accepted so far, and have many more landowners who are interested in enrolling their acres as well. We anticipate many more applications becoming accepted in the near future as well. If you are interested in the program, please stop in our office or give us a call!

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