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The SWCD has a no till drill available for rent. To rent it, please call or stop in our office well in advance. The sooner we know you are interested in using it, the sooner we will be able to get it to you.

No Till Drill Rental

Drill Information:

  • 12 feet wide (~15 feet wide tire to tire)

  • 7.5 inch row spacings

  • 3 seed boxes (native, small, main seed box)

  • hydraulic hookup


The drill is capable of drilling anything from soybeans, alfalfa, native seeds, clover, and just about everything in-between. 


Rental Rate:

  • Delivery Fee $100

  • Per Acre $10  


Rates vary if it is used outside of Freeborn County

Freeborn County 

Soil and Water

Conservation District