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State Cost Share

The SWCD has many cost share opportunities available. Waterways, basins, and side inlet pipes are common practices that we work with. For the money, waterways are the most cost effective. They are cheaper, require less planning, and typically have less maintenance over time. 

If you have an area on your property/in your field that is becoming a problem, we may be able to help come up with a solution that makes sense. We would love to talk more if you think we can be of assistance in helping with some sort of structural practice.


We also have cost share opportunities for cover crops as well. Visit the cover crops page to learn more.

When the topography is right, a well places basin can be a great option too. The typical timeframe for completing a project from the first time you enter the office until the project is completed is at least a year but could be closer to at least two years. The SWCD, as well as the NRCS, have cost share opportunities available to landowners in need of a structural fix.

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