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About Us

The Freeborn County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) is a local unit of government tasked with the governance and management of natural resource programs. Freeborn SWCD works with landowners and other governmental units in rural and urban settings to promote and direct programs for the conservation, use, and development of soil, water, and related resources. We work with private landowners regarding technical, financial, and educational services.

SWCDs are a political subdivision of the State of Minnesota and are governed by a Board of Supervisors, which serve four year staggered terms. Authority is established under Minnesota Statutes Chapter 103C-Soil and Water Conservation District Law. The five member Board of Supervisors are elected by pre-determined geographic areas. Provisions under Chapter 103C directs the Board to set policy and provide direction for SWCD staff.

Our Mission

To serve the residents of Freeborn County by creating an awareness of soil and water resource concerns, by offering practical alternatives to manage these concerns, and by providing technical assistance (as local resources allow) to apply and maintain best management practices (BMPs) that impact water quality while sustaining soil productivity and land-user profits.

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