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About Us

Freeborn County is located in south central Minnesota at the crossroads of Interstate Highways 35 & 90.    Agriculture is the backbone of our local economy as a large percentage of the land area is considered prime farmland. 

Our Soil & Water Conservation District was formed to address the conservation needs of our agricultural land.   It’s a legal subdivision of state government organized under provisions of Minnesota statutes, Chapter 103C.  We’re one of 91 such districts in the state. Our district is governed by a five (5) elected members of a “Board of Supervisors”.  These supervisors are nominated from pre-determined geographic areas called nomination districts and voted on in the November General Elections by the electorate “at large”.   The terms are now all four years in length.

Following provisions of Chapter 103C, the board sets policy and gives direction to staff members who carry out programs and services of the district.  Locally, our focus is on soil erosion reduction, water quality improvement and wildlife habitat enhancement.  As these basic objectives are implemented, several other secondary benefits are realized.  These may include reduced sediment delivery to surface waters and increased flood protection through temporary “on site” water retention or storage created by various practices.  Habitat development improves water quality and quantity, plus benefits the local economy by increasing recreational use of our land.  


As our Mission Statement indicates, we strive to create an awareness of the need for conservation practices to help protect our resources.  After landowners recognize the need, we then offer practical and manageable alternatives to address those needs identified. To help implement the alternatives selected, we provide technical assistance and cost share assistance (when available) to apply Best Management Practices.

We work primarily with willing landowners solving soil & water conservation problems on private lands.   We do this to protect and preserve our valuable soil and water resources and also to help the landowners and/or operators be more successful environmentally and financially. 

Freeborn County

Soil and Water Conservation District