NRCS Programs

Conservation Reserve Program CRP

CRP is a voluntary program for agricultural landowners. General and Contentious CRP options area available which allow for annual rental payments to establish long-term, conservation resources. 

Conservation Stewardship Program CSP

CSP is a voluntary conservation program supporting the maintenance and enhancement of natural resources on private agricultural lands. 

Environmental Quality Incentives Program EQIP

EQIP is a voluntary conservation program supporting agricultural and environmental concern through financial incentives and cost share payments. Financial and technical assistance are provided for a vast majority of conservation practices. 

Wetland Reserve Program WRP

WRP is a voluntary program offering landowners financial and technical assistance into a 30 year or a permanent easement. Development of 10 year restoration agreement is also available through WRP. The goal of WRP is to protect, restore, or enhance wetland habitats.

For further information regarding any of the above programs contact NRCS staff at 507-373-5607 ext. 3